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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A little update

For anyone reading this I am sorry I haven't been around much, been extremely busy!
A few pictures from over the weekend as the Little Missy was Christened.
This is the saturday before, as we had a party with my family

you see this little bit of hair? she was born with it lol also here's the cake from saturday a boiled fruit cake

Now for the Sunday

She got a bit teary as OH's family kept wanting hugs and she doesn't know them. Also Sunday's devil chocolate cake which no one ate.

That's my bragging done I'm going to try and make a few cards now :)


Susan (aka TomsMom) said...

Lovely photos and your Little Missy looks so beautiful in her Christening dress. I don't blame her for not wanting hugs from people she doesn't know, it's scary when you're only little!

Rainmac said...

Great pics and lovely to see you back xxx

Rusty said...

She is absolutely beautiful, turning into a proper little lady! So lovely to see you back, don't be so much of a stranger xxx

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